Monday, 31 December 2012

Special post: A piece of my mind

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera....

Since ramai yang tanya  bila novel akan publish.. Now, let me explain... I know that I've been taking so much time to finish this manuscript... I'm so sorry for the delay. Kepada readers yang pernah baca AITC versi sebelum ni mesti tahu old version of AITC byk kontroversi. So in order to improve it, I had changed some of the part and the storyline as well. That's why I'm taking so much time to re-read and re-type from the beginning of the story until now which is about 500++ pages.

'Mesti ramai yang cakap kenapa writer ambil masa yang lama sangat nak siapkan cerita ni? Setahun dah tunggu.' Yup, I know that. But what can I say, kita terpaksa tukar jalan cerita supaya lebih menarik n bermutu (something like that). So, I hope you all can understand my situation. Besides, I'm not a full time writer. Banyak benda yang kita kena settlekan dulu before focus kepada manuskrip.

News for SKHDH,
Entri hanya akan dipost sebulan sekali because I've to focus on KLI's manuscript. Tapi kalau ada masa kita akan post bila2 masa. :) Harap semua boleh bersabar k~

For my dear readers,
A deepest gratitude to all of you for your continuous support. I'll try my very best to finish this manuscript as soon as possible (xlarat dah nak tanggung sesak idea kat kepala). Thanks to all of you who recently follow or begun visiting my blog. Sedar tak sedar 400 lebih dah follower. Thank you so much. I am both humble and honored. Besides, your comments all have richly blessed me. If I have neglected anyone, please accept my apology for the oversight. I was not intentional by any means. But still I've read all of your comments. :)

Happy new year to all. May 2013 bring you joy, togetherness, love, laughter and happiness. May Allah bless us with good health and prosperity.

Happy reading ^_^
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