Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A little gift from the heart (Special entry: Kerana Lamaran Itu)

Hari berganti minggu, minggu berganti bulan, dan bulan berganti tahun. Lepas mengerjakan haji bersama dengan mummy dan papa pada musim haji lepas, aku dapat rasakan yang aku makin redha dengan takdir yang tertulis ini. Kini, aku lebih banyak memendam rasa dan menyimpan rahsia hati. Aku tutup pintu hati supaya tak ada sesiapa yang dapat selami hati ini.

Aku tahu mummy orang yang paling risau melihat keadaan aku. Tapi apakan daya, Haicarl yang dulu tak mungkin kembali.

Life must go on, Carl. Janganlah seksa diri lagi.”

Aku senyum. Mummy tak pernah jemu untuk memujuk aku.

“Mummy nampak Carl hidup terseksa ke?”

“Soal hati tak siapa yang tahu. Mungkin Carl boleh tipu mata orang tapi Carl tak boleh tipu diri Carl sendiri. You know yourself better than anyone else.”

Aku terdiam. Apa yang mummy cakap tu memang betul. Aku tak boleh tipu diri aku sendiri. Walaupun dah dua tahun peristiwa tu berlaku, tapi tak semudah itu untuk aku lupakan apa yang terjadi dan bukan senang untuk aku mencari pengganti. Hati aku bukan milik aku lagi. Hati aku dah mati!

Come on, son! The past is past. Don’t let them interfere the way of you and your life. Just keep on moving forward to make the future the best you can make it. Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him. Allah will grant after hardship, ease, Carl."

“I’ve made a huge mistake mummy. How could I forget everything I’ve done?”

“I know it’s very difficult to forget everything and move on, but as it is said, when one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not sees the one which has opened for us. So, stop mourning about what is gone, something better is definitely waiting for you.”

P/s: With every striving there will be hardships; with every obstacles, there is ease. I believe when He closes a door somewhere He opens a window. Am I right? Eheh. Thank you for your kind support and don't worry much, dear readers. Writing is my perfect getaway and I really enjoy creating my own fictional story. Insyaa Allah, will keep on writing. : ]

Monday, 9 June 2014

Just a penny of my thoughts

Assalamualaikum and greetings.

Dear readers, I know I didn't post here for a long time. I was actually quite busy with my personal things. I know some of you are still waiting for my update. Millions sorry for that. To be frank I feel reluctant to update my story here. As you know, to make a piece that can be called karya is crucial. It takes a lot of effort and time into making a piece of fiction that worth the read. I hope for those who have been plagiarize other people's hard work, please stop doing that. It's very unethical when you simply stealing ideas, work, words and production of other people. Remember, originality is the key of success. >_<

And now let's talk about my contengan-yang-masih-tak-tahu-bila-nak-terbit. I'd like to clarify a few things, so here's a 'timeline' of Kerana Lamaran Itu.

2011: I started to write under the title "Andai Itu Takdir Cintaku" and posted it here.

2012: I changed the title to "Kerana Lamaran Itu" due to some reasons and managed to update a cerpen under the same title.

2013: Finally! I was able to finish up my writing somewhere in March. I submitted my manuscript to one of a well-known publisher and got a replied only after 8 months waiting . I passed the evaluation process (hooray!!!) and they interested to publish my manuscript. A few weeks later I received another email informing my manuscript will be published on January 2015. Due to the long wait and after considering some advice from close friends, family and readers I retracted my manuscript from that publisher and gave it to another publisher.

2014: End of February, I got a replied from the publisher. Unfortunately, my manuscript had been rejected. (It's okay, not my rezeki). Thus, I move on to another publisher.

June 2014: My manuscript is still in the process of evaluation. The editors will assess the manuscript according to the queue (urutan penghantaran). Thank you~

Frankly speaking, my momentum of writing has been declining gradually. Kalau ada yang bertanya Saat Kau Hadir Dalam Hidupku bila nak publish, my answer would be Kerana Lamaran Itu pun tak publish lagi. A million apologies for those who are waiting- waiting for a good news, for Saat Kau Hadir Dalam Hidupku and for the new entry. I know it has been a longgggg time waiting but unfortunately there is nothing I could do. Sorry for that. :(

Kepada penulis baru macam saya, take this things as a lessons (if you read my entry). I pray that what happened to me would never happen to anyone else. For you readers (including silent readers), thank you for your endless support, love and prayers. May Allah bless you and ease everything. : ]